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Maryborough District Tennis Association
Maryborough, Victoria
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C Special winners


Season C Special Premiers Boy's Singles Champion Girl's Singles Champion
1956-1957 St Augustine's J. Baird N. Hall
1957-1958 Methodists W. Humphrey I. Howard
1958-1959 MKM Alf Scott Irene Weekes
1959-1960 Cal Gully B. Dellavedova L. McNiece
1960-1961 Dunolly B. Mortlock -
1961-1962 Lawn G. Lean P. Eaves
1962-1963 Avoca J. McKenzie H. Pascoe
1963-1964 Natte Yallock C. Malone D. Ross
1964-1965 Dunolly J. Scott D. Graco
1965-1966 Lawn Navy    
1966-1967 VRI K. Noonan G. Argall
1967-1968 St Augustine's R. Blair J. Meagher
1968-1969 Timor W. Deledio L. Lillie
1969-1970 Cal Gully R. Stewart R. Dodgshun
1970-1971 St Augustine's Chris Plucke R. Wright
1971-1972 Dunolly G. Chandler Lyn Lacey
1972-1973 Dunolly Garry Hunt Dianne Edwards
1973-1974 Lawn E. Tattersall Carol Davies
1974-1975 Avoca Alan Humphrey -
1975-1976 Dunolly D. Mortlock K. Shay
1976-1977 Natte Yallock Steven Thomson Debbie Ross
1977-1978 Avoca S. Bench M. Crameri
1978-1979 Dunolly S. Coutts Helen Greenwood
1979-1980 Cal Gully Rodney Douthat Diann Osborn
1980-1981 Cal Gully B. Closhey L. Holland
1981-1982 Carisbrook A. Long J. Greed
1982-1983 Natte Yallock A. Long C. Mortlock
1983-1984 No grade - -
1984-1985 No grade - -
1985-1986 No grade - -
1986-1987 Dunolly Blue - -
1987-1988 Timor - -
1988-1989 Natte Yallock White C. Ross J. McLeish
1989-1990 No grade - -
1990-1991 Bealiba Blue    
1991-1992 Avoca Blue Jamie Pora Rebecca Cossar
1992-1993 Dunolly Matthew Pritchard Jane Field
1993-1994 Natte Yallock    
1994-1995 Cal Gully Adam Parker Sarah Coburn
1995-1996 Natte Yallock Adrian Pilgrim Karina Charlesworth
1996-1997 Natt Yallock Red Ashley Evans Naomi Caulfield
1997-1998 Avoca Blue Tyrell Clark Naomi Caulfield
1998-1999 Avoca White Damien Miles Kate Brady
1999-2000 Cal Gully Darcy Jarvis Kristen Fielding
2000-2001 Talbot Blue Daniel Regan Kristen Fielding
2001-2002 Talbot Blue Daniel Regan Kate McLoughlin
2002-2003 Natte Yallock Wayne Mortlock Kristen Fielding
2003-2004 Avoca Nick Coghlan Jessica Field
2004-2005 Natte Yallock Brent Hudson -
2005-2006 Avoca Red Josh Vantol Sophie Beavis
2006-2007 Cal Gully Red Josh Vantol Lorelei Rich
2007-2008 Talbot Matthew Jukes Jessie Grose
2008-2009 Avoca Red Matthew Jukes Elizabeth Matthyssen
2009-2010 Amphitheatre Black Alex McLay Natalie Thorne
2010-2011 Avoca Sam Christie Abbey Shannon
2011-2012 Cal Gully Charlie Fenton Megan Howell
2012-2013 Cal Gully Chris Freeman Megan Howell
2013-2014 Amphitheatre Red Daniel Howell Ruby Rothman
2014-2015 Avoca Tom Christie Alix Ford
2015-2016 Talbot Jamie Beavis Stephanie Young
2016-2017 Gully Yellow Jai Howell Brandy Santon
2017-2018 - - -
2018-2019 Lawn Green Cooper Willis Abbey Nalder
2019-2020 Lawn Green
(minor premiers)
Logan Howell -